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Date Night Diaries

Well, it’s been six weeks since Vi arrived and until Wednesday, Dan and I had yet to spend more than an hour alone. So when I received a text from my mother-in-law stating that she would love nothing more than to come over and watch Baby Vi so Dan and I could have a date night, we immediately jumped at the offer.

But then we had to decide what to DO on date night?! See a movie? Eat dinner? BOTH?! We had to factor in that I would have to pump 2 or 3 hours into whatever we did, so being stuck in a theater wouldn’t have been ideal.

So here’s what we decided on.

We started the night at an Italian restaurant where wine was half off. After being sober for 9 months and breastfeeding since Vi got here, I have no alcohol tolerance. So I had my one delicious glass of sauvignon blanc along with some gnocchi bolognese and Dan has his old standby of creamy carbonara. Although it was nice to get out of the house like we used to before we had Vi, I couldn’t help texting the MIL one hour into the date night just to “see how things were going…” They were FINE, of course.

Then we walked to the liquor store to research hard cider brands since we’re in the process of starting our own hard cider company. $40 of alcohol I wasn’t going to drink later, we headed a couple of blocks to…

WALGREENS! This was the most fun part of the entire night…the part where we got couple’s flu shots because we’re responsible parents.

After filling our bodies with toxins that will hopefully keep us and our young offspring from getting sick this winter, we went home and watched 12 years a slave on HBO Go.

So basically the night went like this:





It was perfect. And it was over in four hours, just in time for us to feed Vi again and snuggle her to sleep!

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