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Let me break this down for you mono y mono

sorry-sick-day-due-get-well-ecard-someecardsThis mono thing has been great. I’ve had SO MUCH TIME to just sit and think. To contemplate the really important things in life. I figured out which came first. It was the chicken. I also figured out how to build a time machine, but then I was too tired to execute it so that got scrapped. What else have I done this week? I stared at the back of my eyelids A LOT, online shopped, watched rom coms and an entire two seasons of Call the Midwife, although there are some holes where I fell asleep and didn’t bother to go back and finish the episode. Have you guys seen Safe Haven? *spoiler alert* Her friend is a ghost THE WHOLE TIME. Who’da thunk it? I’ve also sat up quite a few times. And then laid back down. Really thrilling stuff over at the Peat residence.

I thought that having an entire week off of work would be amazing and I’d be so productive, but I’ve got all the time in the world and none of the energy to accomplish ANYTHING. Even writing this blog post is kind of exhausting. I’ve had no appetite for the last week (hello, skinny jeans!). Guess I don’t have to worry about doing that detox to lose 5 lbs in January. I’m down at least that since getting sick! Highly recommend the mono diet.

All kidding aside, there are actually some great perks to having mono, like:

Your husband doing the grocery shopping and basically all errand running.

Dan hates shopping, including for groceries. But because I can’t get off the couch, he’s forced to go! And he even brought me home some English Muffins that I forgot to put on the list because he knows I love those nooks and crannies.

Throwing yourself a daily pity party.

What other disease have you heard of where you get to throw yourself a party every day? Pretty cool, right? It’s like having a birthday for a week straight but without the friends because you’ve been quarantined.

Time to blog!

Although nothing’s happened in the past week for me to write about. That’s a catch 22 if I ever saw one.

Catching up on my daytime TV.

Just kidding. Daytime TV is the WORST. Thank God Netflix exists.

Noticing every imperfection in my home.

If you stare at the ceiling long enough, you’ll start to see the exact spot where the contractor decided to phone it in.

The unnecessary praise.

Anything you accomplish while having mono is basically a miracle. You brushed your hair today? You’re a champ! You put dishes in the dishwasher? I love you! Next time I want a compliment, I’m just going to say, “Hey, I did this when I had mono” and everyone will automatically like it!

I’m also missing out on a ton of super fun stuff while being sick though. Like a video shoot at work with my favorite talent who’s in town, a friend’s bday celebrations, homemade meatballs that are only made ONCE A YEAR, and my Christmas surprise.

The Christmas surprise, you ask? Well, Dan told me that he had a Michiana Gala to go to for work and he NEEDED me to go schmooze with him because we’re a team. Partners. He just couldn’t go without me. I had a reason to dress up. I felt special. I felt necessary. But I also felt like collapsing. So instead, I started crying. At that point, Dan couldn’t let the ruse go on any longer and he admitted that The Michigan “Gala” was completely made up and we actually had tickets to see Jersey Boys (MY CHRISTMAS PRESENT!). So while I was relieved that I wasn’t letting Dan down during his important work event, I felt like a loaf for not only making him tell me his surprise but for actually not even being able to enjoy it. Luckily, the guy at the box office took pity on me when I called and said “I can’t get out of bed to see the show” and he let us change the tickets to Sunday. I don’t care if I’m spitting up blood (I’m not, ew). WE’RE GOING.

And with all of this faux and real complaining, I’ll leave you with the super sweet thing that Dan said to me when he got home yesterday.

Dan: You look way more…enthusiastic…today!

Me: Enthusiastic?

Dan: Well, you’re standing up.








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