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What’s in a name?

So now that we know we’re having a girl (YAY!!), it’s time to buckle down and choose a name. But not just any name. The PERFECT name. When we broke it down, here are the requirements that the name had to fit.

The perfect name:

1) Will not allow her to be tortured in kindergarten like I was. I can’t even tell you the nickname that my cousin Adriano made up for me because it was THAT horrifying. Luckily, he moved off of my bus route and the name didn’t stick for very long, but I’m still traumatized from it. Here’s a hint, it rhymes with Leah Pee-ah. While Dan, on the other hand, has been privy to nicknames like Danno, Danny Ray, Dan the Man, or just his whole name, DanPeat. Lucky guy.

2) Will be spelled correctly. As in, the way it’s been spelled for centuries. It will have character, but not because it has an extra ee at the end of it or unnecessary consonants.

3) Will not be overused. It will be unique, but not made up. There will be no Nevaeh (heaven spelled backwards) Peats running around. And we won’t already know seven little girls under the age of three with the same name. Right off the bat, this excluded some of my favorite names, like:

Olive or Olivia

4) Will be able to grow with our daughter. It will be cute when she’s tiny. Appropriate when she’s in the working world as an adult, and even cuter when she’s a little old lady.

5) Will mean something to us. It will contain a family (first or middle name) and when you look it up in the baby name books, the meaning of it won’t be lame. Leah means weary…I mean, it fits, but come on!

Five requirements? That doesn’t seem like a lot. But when you think about the fact that the little acrobat in my stomach has to live with the name FOREVER, the pressure starts to feel insurmountable! It has to fit ALL FIVE requirements AND we have to agree on it? Impossible.

My grandma’s advice was this. “Don’t worry about it so much. Just pick something you know she’ll love.”

Uhhumm…easier said than done, Beverly! How will we know what she’s going to like before we even meet her?!

So with all of that said, here are the names we’re considering.

Eliza Beverly Peat
Nicknames for Eliza – Ellie, Eli, Liza and Lizzie
Meaning: Short for Elizabeth, which means “From God.” We’re not religious, so the meaning doesn’t strike a chord with us. But for some reason we both just love the name. It’s traditional, yet not too common. There are some great Eliza’s throughout history (Eliza Doolittle!). And as stated above, Beverly is my grandma’s name.

Violet Elaine Peat
Nicknames for Violet – Vi, Lettie, Viv, Viola
Meaning: Pretty self explanatory – it means Violet, like the flower/color.
I love flower/plant names, but all the others I threw out were immediately shot down. Marigold, nickname Goldie, Dan said was a hippie name. Same with Willow. Elaine is my mother’s middle name. I also have an African Violet from my grandma Bev that’s one of the only plants I’ve been able to keep alive for more than a year. In fact, it’s kicking ass and taking names with how much it’s bloomed in the last few months (since we found out we were pregnant). Is that a sign?! I’m thinking, yes!

Cecilia TBD Peat
Nicknames for Cecilia – CeCe, Sis
Meaning: Cecilia was the patron saint of music, so I already liked the history behind the name. Then I found out that it’s derived from a latin word that means blind. I’m just going to choose to ignore that one…
I. Love. This. Name. Dan’s not on board even though it’s a family name because he already has a cousin named Cecilia. To that, I say, “Who cares?” She’s a teenager already and they won’t even be close in age! I don’t know any baby CeCes and neither does he. It’s his grandma’s name on his mom’s side and there will probably be more Cecilias to follow because she was a great lady! This name ticks all of the boxes except meaning, but I just can’t get him to say yes.

Matilda TBD Peat
Nicknames: Mattie, Millie, Tillie, Tilda – they’re all so cute!
Meaning: Powerful or mighty in battle
This has been one of my favorite girl names since I read the Roald Dahl book, Matilda, when I was around 7 or 8. In the book, she’s a genius little girl with a terrible home life who escapes it all by reading. She can also move things with her eyes! It’s a fantastic book, like all of Roald Dahl’s books, and I’ve always pictured myself with a little Matilda. When I pointed out that you couldn’t come up with a terrible nickname for it, my friend Dianna jokingly said, “What if they call her Tildo the Dildo on the playground?” SIGH. Now every time I bring up the name Matilda, Dan says, “You mean, Tildo?” And I know where he’s going with it, so I just don’t continue the conversation. It doesn’t make me like the name any less, because I don’t know that many people besides Dianna would think of that nickname, but Dan won’t agree to it.

Other names that Dan REALLY likes and I’m considering:
Margaret (one of my cousin’s names) – Means pearl, love the nicknames Maggie/Mags
Juliette (Romantic name that I originally loved, but I don’t want her to have to deal with “Romeo! Romeo! Let me be your Romeo from super uncreative guys who can’t think of a better way to approach our daughter! Losers.) – Means youthful, love the nicknames Jules/Juju

So really, out of my top four names, Dan is only on board with two. What do you guys think? We’ve been calling her Violet to see if we like how it feels. We’re both loving it right now, which is a huge victory in itself, but that could change a month down the road. Our families love it, too, and we get texts all the time from our moms about Baby Vi. But we’re not 100% decided yet. So I’m taking it to the internet to help us decide (although we’ll just pick what we want anyway). :)

What do you think of our (my) favorite names? And what are some of your favorites?

9 Comments on "What’s in a name?"

  • Amy says

    Eliza! I love that! But all those names are cute! We chose Adeline’s name because it was the only name that we loved that didn’t have too many nicknames, and we are okay with Addie. We were going with Corinna until the day of the gender ultrasound when I was like “I don’t like the nickname Cory, let’s go with Adeline instead!” So there she was named, Adeline Claire.

    • Leah says

      I love the name Adeline and don’t know any other little girls with that name! Seriously cute choice. Corinna is beautiful, too. I have a cousin named Karina and I call her Rina or Rin (reen) all the time.

  • Ramsey says

    My name for a boy or girl is going to be Grey. So cute and simple and rolls right off the tongue.

    I like classic old fashioned names like Frances (my friend had a baby named Frances and they call her Frankie, which I looove), Bess or Bessie is super cute, Stella (but that’s super trendy right now, like Sophia).

    I really loved Marigold as a suggestion and even if people just called her Mari it would be spelled cool and it would be a secretly cool name like Merry has.

    Eliza just makes me think of Liza Minelli and the nickname “Liza the Lezzie instantly came to mind.”

    Violet is cute.

    • Leah says

      OMG…Liza the Lezzie. That one hasn’t come up yet! (I hope Dan doesn’t read this, haha).

      I love the name Frances, too! It might end up as a middle name for us because it’s Dan’s grandma’s name on his Dad’s side. Frankie is also super cute. I know a couple of babies and dogs names Frank though. As soon as I meet someone’s pet with that name (especially if they’re naughty), it makes it hard for me to keep it on the list!!

      I loved the name Iris for a while and then met a 3-legged dog named Iris and it ended up not making the cut.

      Grey is really cute for a boy or girl!! I like the spelling of Mari. It fits into that unique, but not but too weird category.

  • Amanda says

    Out of your choices I love the name Violet. Classy and pretty just like your little peanut will be. (:

    • Leah says

      Thank you! It’s the one we’ve been trying out this week. I love it right now and it’s a family name on my dad’s side, but who knows how we’ll feel about it 4 months from now! haha

  • Allie says

    These are all great! I do love Violet – my three year old niece is Violet (we got all of her old baby clothes – lots of purple clothes from their shower). I’m also totally on board with names that are easy to spell, unique and not made up – everyone spells Allie wrong, and Allison was one of the most common names in my high school (which may be why we went super unique with Zelda. I loved checking the sites that list how many babies are given a certain name in the US each year – 200 for Zelda). Enjoy the process – it can be a lot of fun.

  • Rosie says

    I’m loving Violet and Cecilia. Especially Violet. You’re so right, the name needs to grow with her. Hmmm, I haven’t really thought of new names, but I’m with you, there has to be a family name in there somewhere. I’ve always loved the name Silvia and knew there would be Rose in my daughters name because I have many Roses in my family. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

  • Erin Pike says

    I really like the name Violet Elaine. We also have an aunt Elaine who is grandpa’s sister, I believe. But then my middle name (and granny’s middle name) is Margaret so I like that one, too!

    Thanks for sharing where you’re at. I am so happy for both of you guys. Love, love, love!

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